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My name is Natasha .. people call me Taz ~
I am a girl.
I live in the Philippines.
But I want to live in Japan.
I love Japan.
I'm stil learning Japanese.
I have 3 sisters .. one is older and two is younger.
I have 2 dogs but they were given away.
My favorite subject is MATH even though it's freakin hard ... srsly ... (O_O)
I love the world.
I am insanely love with Arashi.
I am insanely love with MatsuJun.
I love the world.
I love people who are nice.
I hate people who is mean.
I hate perverts.
I hate Global Warming.

Yeah .. that's all I have to say about me .. If I have more then I'll just add ~ ^ - ~


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☆ Japan
Looking forward to meeting you ~
さよなら ~